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Week App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Week numbers are used in a lot of things. In school, in business, for holiday planning and deliveries. Week App is an app that you can use to find out wich week it is, or to find out which start- and end dates a week has.

Two modes

Week App uses auto rotation for 2 different modes:

  • Portrait view: Pick a date, and get week number and day. (See screenshot on the right).
  • Landscape view: Pick a week number, and get start and end date of this week.

Week number in icon badge

The current week number is shown on the icon badge. Updates every time when Week App is started. (So not automaticly).
Screenshots and video of Week App.
Whether the week starts on sunday or monday is determined by the setting selected in Region Format. For example, if your current selection is Netherlands, or United Kingdom the week will start on a monday, if your current selection is United States, the week will start on a Sunday. This setting is found in: Settings>General>International>Region Format.

Supports iPad

In its first update, Week App got full support for the iPad. Because of the bigger screen, the iPad version only uses one screen to display the week number, the day and the start- and enddate of the selected week. Also see Screenshots for iPhone and iPad screenshots.

Week App Available on the App Store

Click on the App Store button to download Week App for iPhone.

Week App will be optimized for the new iPhone 5:

Apple iPhone 5 - Black/Slate


Week App in AppStore

Week App in de App Store

iPhone with week app

iPhone 4s with Week App

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