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iTunes account with Click & Buy payment

How to pay for AppStore apps and music with a normal bank account using Click & Buy payment method. (No creditcard!)

Many people want to download paid apps like Week App from the app store, but they can't, because they don't have a creditcard. One of the alternative payments is Click & Buy. You can use this with a normal bank account. Below you'll find a description for setting up an iTunes account which uses Click & Buy as a payment method.

For users who already have an iTunes account: Start with step 6.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on iTunes Store on the left. Now, in the upper right corner click log in.
  3. New window opens. Click 'Create new Account'.
  4. Click Next and then (read and) accept the therms. Click next.
  5. Fill in the fields, check the boxes if you want to receive email on updates etc. For people who already have an iTunes Account, but don't know how to create a Click & buy account to buy Apps (like Week App); Log in to your iTunes account, hover with your mouse over your account-name and click on the drop-down arrow that appears. Click on account. Next click on Change/Update payment methods, and then click the radiobutton next to Click & Buy
  6. Now you're being redirected to the Click & Buy website.
  7. Click the first option
  8. Fill in the form, click next.
  9. Fill in the adress form, along with your password (This has to be at least 6 characters, has to contain at least 1 Special Character, 1 Number and one Capital Letter). Click next.
  10. Fill in the number of your cellphone. click Send.
  11. Fill in the code you received on your phone. Click Confirm.
  12. Allow itunes to start from your browser (if it wasn't running).
  13. In iTunes fill in the fields. Click Next. Now you're done! Click done.

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Clickandbuy has an app for ios so you can check your transactions and your account balance.




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